Beaver Loop Road Improvements and Pedestrian Pathway Project



The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) and the City of Kenai, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is planning improvements to Beaver Loop Road, including the addition of a pedestrian pathway.  The project is needed because the roadway, ditches, and culverts have deteriorated and require frequent spot repairs.

Google Location Map

The improvements include:

  • New pavement
  • 4' wide paved shoulders
  • Pedestrian pathway
  • Fish passage and drainage improvements
  • Right turn lanes at Bridge Access Road and Kenai Spur Highway


The environmental and preliminary engineering have been completed.  The Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (environmental document) can be found on the Documents page.  Final design is underway.  Click here to see the proposed Typical Section. In September and October 2015, survey and geotechnical crews were out along the road gathering additional information needed for the final design.

Pathway Location

The final decision on the pathway location has not yet been made.  The design team considered a number of factors and are still gathering input.  It is expected that a final decision will be made by the end of December 2015. To date, here is what the evaluation shows:


North side Pathway

Southside Pathway


School bus stops



A pathway on the south side is preferred by the School District for students waiting on the south side of the road for the morning bus.

# of Residential Parcels on pathway side (based on existing land use)



There are more residential parcels on the south.  Pathway users coming from their homes would not have to cross Beaver Loop Road to use the pathway.

Greater Sun Exposure



Greater sun exposure equates to earlier snow melt in the spring.

Adjacent to Cunningham Park



Pathway users would be able to access the Park without crossing Beaver Loop Road

# of Commercial driveways or public road crossings



There are fewer commercial driveways and side streets to cross if the pathway is located on the south side.

# of Residential driveway crossings



There are fewer residential driveways to cross if the pathway is located on the north side.

Public Preference



Public preference is about equal.  Those in support of the north side cited the sun exposure and fewer homes.  Supporters of the south side included bicyclists and park users.


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